Linear systems

Linear systems are the basis for executing linear movements. On the one hand, these are linear guides that support a linear motion, on the other hand linear actuators and screw jacks that actively move a spindle or a push rod.


Linear actuators

Linear actuators convert a rotary motion into a linear motion. Technische Antriebselemente distinguishes between linear actuators with push rod and actuators with open spindle. Both variants offer special advantages. While the stroke of an open spindle is almost unlimited, the push rod offers a more compact installation space in relation, since the push rod disappears completely in the linear actuator.  The linear actuators from Technische Antriebselemente can move loads of up to 18 kN as a standard and are therefore suitable even for powerful applications.

Force up to 6 kN

Force up to 18 kN

Linear guides

Part of the portfolio of Technische Antriebselemente are linear guides in various versions. Rollers guided along a rail offer a high degree of flexibility with a high power transmission. Furthermore, we offer ball bearing guides and precision shafts, which ensure high accuracy, as well as high-performance sliding guides, which, thanks to their outstanding technological properties, require no lubricants at all.

  • versions for high accurate or heavy duty applications available
  • special solutions possible
  • High speed: up to 10 m/s
  • High acceleration: up to 500 m/s²
  • High force: up to 264 kN
  • acurate
  • oil and grease free operation
  • high temperatures: up to +400°C

Screw jacks

Screw jacks from Technische Antriebselemente can be driven via external electric actuators or or manual rotary movements and can be used as linear motion drives. Our screw jacks can move loads of up to 10 tons with positional accuracy as standard. A distinction is made between screw jacks with a rotating screw, in which a nut performs the linear motion, and screw jacks with a stationary shaft. In this variant, a nut installed in the gearbox drives the spindle linearly.

Loads between 2kN and 100kN can be realized as standard.

  • rotating screw
  • linear driven nut
  • various models
  • special solutions for food industry etc.
  • linear driven screw
  • various models
  • special solutions for food industry etc.

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We develop special solutions for the realization of your projects


No application is like the other. Together with you, we develop solutions for the optimal realization of your technical challenge. No matter whether a specific drive solution, machined linear guides or spindles, or custom-made gear systems. We support the development from the idea to the implementation with our competence and broad knowledge in the field of linear systems and drive conception.

We move in every industry

We feel at home across all industries. Wherever there is rotary or linear motion, products from Technische Antriebselemente are used. With decades of experience, we have acquired know-how in various industries.

  • Machinery and equipment
  • Machine tools
  • Medical technology
  • Intralogistics

  • Electrical industry
  • Automation
  • Food industry
  • Packaging machines

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