Universal and telescopic joints

Joints or cardan shafts transmit rotary motion, torque and speed from one shaft to another. They can connect shafts with large lateral or angular misalignment. Single shaft joints work up to a 45° angle between shafts. Double shaft joints work up to a 90° angle. Telescopic universal joints can be mounted between two axially fixed shaft ends. They also allow compensation for length changes in the drive train, e.g. due to temperature changes.
We offer joints and cardan shafts made of steel with plain bearings or with needle bearings as well as stainless steel with plain bearings.

Protective bellows made of leather or rubber are used to cover joints or cardan shafts and also as lubricant reservoirs. Our joints and cardan shafts are supplied as standard with round bores of the same diameter at both ends. Bores of different sizes, keyways, transverse bores for dowel pins, transverse threads for set screws, internal square or internal hexagon are possible on request.

Universal joints

  • speed up to 4.000 rpm
  • redirection max. 45°
  • needle oder slide bearing
  • speed 500..600 rpm
  • redirection max. 45°
  • slide bearing
  • speed up to 4.000 rpm
  • redirection max. 90°
  • needle or slide bearing
  • speed 450..540 rpm
  • redirection max. 90°
  • slide bearing

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We feel at home across all industries. Wherever there is rotary or linear motion, products from Technische Antriebselemente are used. With decades of experience, we have acquired know-how in various industries.

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  • Medical technology
  • Intralogistics

  • Electrical industry
  • Automation
  • Food industry
  • Packaging machines

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