Stepper motors

MIS stepper motors from JVL with integrated electronics represent a major advance. Encoder, driver and controller are built into the stepper motor and, as closed-loop motors, form a closed unit with a high IP protection class and EMC safety. Improved motor characteristics with a wider usable speed band enable a wide range of applications and often eliminate the need for an additional gearbox. Closed-loop stepper motors are available for all Ethernet protocols, Profibus, CANopen and other bus systems. The fieldbus module is integrated in the housing and must be specified directly when ordering.

MIS171 bis MIS176

  • power up to 116 W
  • holding torque up to 0,8 Nm
  • integrated nano PLC
  • encoder 409.600 cpr

MIS231 bis MIS234

  • power up to 212 W
  • holding torque up to 3,2 Nm
  • integrated nano PLC
  • encoder 409.600 cpr

MIS340 bis MIS343

  • power up to 320 W
  • holding torque up to 10,5 Nm
  • integrated nano PLC
  • encoder 409.600 cpr

MIS430 bis MIS432

  • power up to 400 W
  • holding torque 25 Nm
  • integrated nano PLC
  • encoder 409.600 cpr

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