Industry solutions

Based on 60 years of experience in drive and linear technology, we supply products to all industries. Our experts have acquired in-depth know-how in order to take into account the requirements in the various sectors of industry. Whether food-grade plastics, explosion-proof drives or stainless steel versions of our products, we will be happy to advise you on the optimum product selection for your application.

Machines and equipment

Mechanical engineering is the innovation driver and one of the mainstays of the German economy. No matter whether production plant or machinery, Technische Antriebselemente supplies you with the necessary components and supports you in the realization of innovations. Classic mechanical engineering combines mechanics and electronics. Our application engineers are trained in electrical and mechanical engineering and accompany you in the development of your machine. We support this with high-quality motors and reliable linear systems.

Machine tool

The construction of machine tool requires special attention to the protection class and materials of the used products. While resistance to oil and grease usually plays a role for static components, moving parts are exposed to greater risks of attrition. For linear movements, we offer encapsulated systems that offer no surface for chips or liquids to attack. The same applies to our gear units and motors, which are available with a high protection class. Technische Antriebselemente offers you the advantage of high competence in the realization of complex applications. Therefore, we consider the topics such as IP protection and material resistance in the implementation of your projects.

Medical and pharma

Whether in the manufacture of medical devices such as prostheses and pacemakers, in automated laboratories under clean room conditions or in automated vaccine production, Technische Antriebselemente offers reliable components that are specially designed for applications with the highest requirements. Projects that have been realized are, for example, the linear adjustment of operating tables or the lens adjustment for blood analyses. Whether precision or high forces are required, we offer solutions that meet your specifications.


The steadily growing market for shipping service providers and the shorter frequencies of parcel cycle times, automation in intralogistics is becoming increasingly important. Automated racking systems or rail and roller systems for parcel and goods transport, the requirements for speed and reliability in implementation are high. Technische Antriebselemente offers motors and linear systems to support optimized intralogistics. We offer a wide range of products for our linear guides as well as for our drive systems. Whether tiny screws or whole pallets have to be moved, Technische Antriebselemente offers systems and solutions from compact to heavy duty.

Electrical industry

The product spectrum in the manufacture of electronic components is diverse and ranges from automated cable assembly to the production of nanotechnology. One of the most important requirements in the electronic environment is the consideration of electromagnetic interference. Therefore, when implementing projects in the electrical industry, our application engineers always take into account issues such as EMC or other sources of interference that may have an impact on the manufacture of your end products. In addition, production in electrical engineering always requires a high level of reliability with regard to the articles used, in order to ensure consistent quality in the end product, for example in the assembly of circuit boards or the manufacture of electrical resistors.


Industry 4.0 is shaping the processes of the future. One of the decisive factors in this context is the interaction between human and machine in the production environment.  In addition to improving occupational safety by having machines take over physically demanding tasks, cycle time, accuracy and reliability are optimized. Just as an employee receives work instructions and learns procedures, communication in the machine environment plays no less decisive a role, but is primarily carried out via fieldbus technologies and control loops. The drive systems of Technische Antriebselemente offer a high flexibility and a multitude of sensors as well as the possibility of integration into various bus systems. Please contact us for the realization of your automation solution.

Food industry

Hardly any other industry has higher requirements than the food industry, where even the smallest inaccuracies can lead to health risks and expensive and image-damaging recalls. To meet the requirements in this area, Technische Antriebselemente offers solutions especially for use in the food environment. Whether materials made of stainless steel or special plastics, actuators with protection class IP69K or screw jacks with food lubrication, Technische Antriebselemente offers products that enable you to meet your quality requirements in the food sector.

Packaging industry

Machines for the production of cardboard, paper and other packaging require high reliability with short cycle times. Technische Antriebselemente offers drive and linear systems for the production of packaging and for the packaging of end products itself. Whether it is the loading of matchboxes, the production of plastic bottles and filling of liquids or in production lines for the manufacture of corrugated board, whenever something rotates or moves linearly, products from Technische Antriebselemente can be used. In order to offer the optimal solution in each case, our engineers deal comprehensively with your requirements and support you in the implementation.