Actuator HG2-C7
with axially moved, open spindle


Actuators with axially moving, open spindle consist of spur or worm gears, permanently mounted DC motor and a trapezoidal threaded spindle running through the gearbox. Their simple design and high versatility are particularly noteworthy. This type is the most affordable option to generate motorized linear motion. Different motor powers and gear ratios result in many possible combinations. If you have special requirements for speed, load, and current draw that cannot be met by any of our linear actuators, please contact our engineering department. Small diameter spindles are suitable for compression loads and small strokes. Long strokes require tensile loading. On request, we can equip all types of gearboxes in this range with spindles up to 3000 mm long. However, the spindle buckling must be taken into account in any case.


  • very inexpensive
  • simple structure
  • DC motors with simple control possibility, whose direction is changed by voltage reversal
  • possibility to rotate and shorten the spindle from the gearbox
  • different variants of different equipment and power


  • Simple feeders
  • Operation of slides, levers and valves
  • Positioning whose accuracy is low
  • Control of flaps (cardanic)
  • Adjustment of heights
  • Drive of doors
  • Locks

Series HG2____C7

This actuator without encoder is suitable for simple lifting and feeding operations with its very simple design and a spindle pitch of TR8.8×3. Suitable accessories are the spindle ends of the MHG100. We recommend the HG2H with integrated encoder if control is required.